Honesty   |   Bravery   |   Power


Back Door Empowerment is a brand concept based in the idea that a shift in perspective can offer a person the power to accept negativity, in a positive and uplifting way. It is the belief that instead of allowing the challenges we inevitably face, as imperfect beings, to fester into low self-esteem, or self doubt, we  can use it to further affirm our strengths. Seeing ourselves as survivors in the moments where others may see themselves as victims gives us an alternative view on conflict. This puts us back in control of what effect the "bad stuff" has on our thoughts of ourselves. It's "looking at the bright side" on steroids. 


Through Back Door Empowerment, Rain has been able to emotionally and psychologically heal a lot of herself and others of past trauma. The journey of honesty through bravery has given those who subscribe to her philosophies, the self control of their thoughts and emotions, in a refreshing way. Whether through talks, videos, posts, adornments, books, and/or music, Rain is impacting lives by sharing her own. Back Door Empowerment is the common denominator in all of her endeavors. No matter what products Rain places into the world, there are people from everywhere who are sure to receive something positive and inspirational from her unconventional approaches to everyday life.